If you want a smoothly run commercial construction project that results in a quality product and is completed on time and budget, you need a top-notch general contractor at the helm. How do you choose the right professional for the job? For starters, ask these questions when hiring a general contractor.

Are you licensed and insured?
The only acceptable answer to this question is yes. Any sign of hesitation or misdirection is a clear indication that you should look elsewhere for a commercial contractor.

What type of experience do you have in this industry?
The construction industry has many facets, and expertise in one does not guarantee proficiency in others. The goal is to determine the skills the general contractor as well as how long they have been providing the services that interest you.

How many projects like mine have you handled?
You need a general contractor who has the experience, resources and connections to get your project completed correctly. You can be more confident that a general contractor has these assets if they have already completed other projects that are similar to the one that you’re planning. Ask for references and make an effort to visit the completed projects. Touring a contractor’s past work allows you to see the quality of their efforts firsthand.  Don’t forget to look at their online portfolio.

What kind of services do you offer?
Traditionally, you hired an architect to draw up plans, and then you hired a general contractor to take the ideas from paper to reality. While that is still an attractive option, it’s not the only one. Many contractors now offer construction management services, design-build services and general contractor services. Discovering which services a construction company offers allows you to explore your options and gives you a better feel for their capabilities.

How does the bidding process work?
Does the contractor offer a fixed bid or an estimate? How much transparency can you expect in the bidding process? What level of detail do they offer? A detailed proposal makes it easier to see how important considerations like material quality and construction techniques impact the cost of your project.

Who do you work with?
General contractors don’t work in a vacuum. Do they have established relationships with local subcontractors and suppliers? Are they familiar with the local regulations and building codes and the inspectors who enforce them? Hiring a contractor who has strong connections with the local professional network ensures that they have access to the resources necessary to complete your project smoothly.

How will communication be handled?
Communication is a vital factor in almost any relationship. If you have a question or concern, how do you contact your contractor? Can you expect regular progress reports? Who should you speak with if there’s a problem?

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