As your business continues to grow and change, the requirements for your commercial space may also change. For example, you may require more space for a showroom or a bigger warehouse. When you’ve outgrown your current space, you’ll need to choose between starting a new commercial construction project or renovating an existing space. Before you make a final decision, you’ll need to consider a few important factors, including your budget and timeline.

Budget Considerations
Your budget constraints may be the most important factor to consider as you develop a plan with your commercial contractor for your space. If you only need to do a few simple upgrades, then a commercial renovation will cost you less money than building a new commercial building. However, if you need to replace a long list of big-ticket items, such as the electrical system and the roof, starting over with new commercial construction may be a better use of your funds. Sometimes, the initial cost will help save money in the long run.

Fitting Renovation or New Construction Into Your Timeline
If you need your project done right away, a renovation project will probably better suit your needs. However, the choice is not always clear; renovation projects can take some time, especially if the project is complex. Outside factors can introduce delays into both renovation projects and new commercial construction projects. Generally speaking, commercial renovations require less time than a new construction project.

Design Freedom
A minor renovation project will require your design to stay within the constraints of the existing space. Although you’ll be able to add new elements, significant changes to the building’s structure may be easier as part of a new construction project. If you need to heavily customize your space to serve your customers, starting with a blank slate may be the ideal choice. By the end of the project, you’ll have a commercial building that reflects your requirements with only your budget as the limit.

Efficiency Concerns
Older buildings typically cost more to maintain and run. Heating bills, for example, are higher in a building with old windows and old HVAC systems. While you can renovate an existing space to add more energy-efficient solutions, starting from scratch allows you to pick from a wider range of options. You’ll also have a say in the types of material that your project uses, allowing you to choose materials from renewable sources. If you decide to work with an existing space, however, you’ll end up reusing existing materials, helping to keep construction materials out of a landfill.

Safety Features
Every year, building codes and laws are continuously changed to protect the health and safety of everyone better. An older building may need some safety improvements, such as lead paint removal and installation of accessibility features. With new commercial construction, your building can have all of the latest safety and accessibility features installed from the beginning.

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