Before choosing a commercial construction contractor for your next project, developing and following a list of procedures and practices can help prepare you for the task ahead. Keeping these best practices in mind can both help you find the right contractor for your job and keep the actual construction process running smoothly. A commercial project finished on time and on budget is a more likely outcome when you stick to your plan. We’ve outlined a few commercial construction tips & best practices to help guide the construction process.

Don’t Forget to Negotiate
Many contractors are willing to work with you on budget expectations and can help you meet your vision for your commercial project. You might not be able to get exactly what you want from your negotiations, but working together with a contractor on an estimate can help build a productive partnership. Keeping an open mind about potential negotiations can help you avoid the need to seek multiple bids from other commercial construction contractors.

Develop an Extensive Design Plan
Creating your design plan early helps to avoid delays and eliminate unrealistic expectations for your project. However, avoid bringing in an architect before you start to work with a general contractor. A general contractor may be able to identify potential issues with your design plan before you’ve already paid the architect.  It’s best to work with a general contractor who can also offer design-build construction services.

Maintain Open Communication
Open communication between you and your commercial general contractor is essential. Scheduling regular progress meetings is a good way to discuss minor issues before they snowball into catastrophes. Choose a method of communication that works best for you. For example,  regularly scheduled updates via phone calls or text messages are a good way to keep in touch and stay up to speed on the latest developments with your project. If a problem does come up, remember to keep emotions out of it and deal with the issue fairly and logically to avoid further delays.

Examine Bids Fairly
If you decide to seek a number of bids on your commercial construction project, you’ll need to devote some time to analyzing each bid. While selecting the lowest bid might be an attractive option, it’s not always the best choice. Compare bids carefully and objectively.  Look at a number of elements beyond the price, including the quality of the materials that the contractor will use, how each contractor will communicate with you, and previous work done on other projects. It’s a good idea to choose between commercial construction companies that have experience building the type of project that you’re planning to build.

Avoid Vague Contracts and Deadlines
Using a contract with fuzzy details is a good way to ensure problems down the road. Your contract should include specific numbers and details, including a payment plan, project timeline and the cost of materials. Hammering out the details of the project at the beginning can help avoid unnecessary delays and cost overruns with your project.

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