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Commercial Construction Company

Commercial Construction Company

Kincaid Construction Company was founded on December 19, 1963, by Rodney L. Kincaid.  Rodney graduated from the University of Florida, Department of Building Construction in June of 1958. He began his career working for several general contractors in the Orlando area. His goal was to create his own commercial construction company.

Five years later, his dream came true. His general contractor company established an office in Winter Park, Florida where it remains today. Rodney’s formative years found him performing the job of bookkeeper, superintendent, and marketing manager all rolled up in one.

With determination to succeed as a commercial construction company in the Orlando market, he pushed forward and slowly but surely developed work. During those times, it was not unusual to find him in jeans and boots in the morning and a coat and tie in the afternoon. Business in the 1960s was conducted with a handshake and many commercial construction companies worked together and collaborated on building services.  Rodney remembers the good days of building Orlando as a team effort among many construction companies in the Orlando market.

Because of his humble beginnings, Rodney Kincaid came to understand the wisdom  of working and developing a relationship with reputable subcontractors to keep overhead down.  Kincaid Construction has built strong relationships with qualify craftsmen, selecting one for each discipline that would help him develop a reputation for quality work performed on time.

One of his favorite memories is when Southland Corporation took particular interest in this young commercial construction company.  Kincaid Construction was awarded job after job in the Orlando area building 7-Eleven convenience stores. Many times, Rodney would find a set of plans in his post office box with a note to let them know when work would commence and be completed.

Kincaid Construction continues to adhere to the belief system that quality work, completed when promised, good relations with the clients and the architects, will provide more and more contract opportunities.

Today, much of Kincaid Construction’s work is the result of caring about the client’s expectations and making sure they are met.

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