There are obvious benefits to hiring a design-build commercial contractor. Having a single entity  responsible for both the design and construction phases of a commercial construction project offers convenience, efficiency, and time and cost savings. When you are ready to hire a design build commercial contractor, how do you know which one to choose? Use these five tips to select the right firm for your next commercial construction project.

1. Identify reputable design-build commercial contractors in your area.
Start the process of finding the right design build commercial contractor with a little research. Ask around for referrals and run an internet search to put together a list of possibilities. Then, verify the qualifications of the firms on your list. For starters, they should be licensed and insured. Ideally, they should have a positive reputation, experience working in the area where you plan to build and a great deal of hands-on expertise in completing the type of construction project you are planning.

2. Schedule meetings with the contractors.
Once you have done your homework, schedule meetings to discuss your project with several of the design and build firms on your list. Ask questions, view their portfolios and request references. Your goal is to determine two things.

  • To feel certain that the firm has the knowledge and resources to complete your project successfully
  • Determine if you can work together effectively.

3. Determine method of communication.
The success of every commercial construction project boils down to communication.  How will your design-build firm stay in touch with clients during construction? A lack of communication is frustrating and counterproductive, so it is important that you know who to contact and how to reach them.

4. Check out the design team.
When it comes to design, you need someone whose taste is compatible with yours. Talk with the design team and explore how the team works. Review its portfolio and consider paying a visit to some of its previous buildings. You should be confident that the team can capture your vision in a way that is practical, efficient and effective.

5. Check out the construction team.
When vetting a design build commercial contractor, ask about experience. Have they handled similar projects before? Are they familiar with the rules and regulations in the area where you will be building? Have they established good relationships with inspectors, subcontractors and suppliers? Again, ask for references and examine the results of past projects.

6. Remember that price is only one factor.
Price is clearly an important factor when selecting a design-build firm, but it should not be the only one. When choosing a design-build contractor, think about quality, expertise and integrity. While it is impossible to put a price tag on these traits of a design-build contractor, they definitely have value.

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